This will be the first (Pilot Project) of Race4Joy Series. The idea is to bring JOY in 2 ways –

1. This is a non for profit event run by volunteers and raising money and awareness for local charities. The 2016 event is a fundraiser for Nature Discovery Outdoor Programs, a local non for profit organization that provides summer camps and nature programs for children age 7-12, teaching environmental awareness, love of the outdoors and wilderness survival skills. With the funds raced we will sponsor children from low income families, new immigrants and refugees, so they will have the same opportunity to learn, explore and enjoy.

2. By connecting people in an interactive urban adventure race, creating opportunity to connect and build  new friendhips.

Open to any age and ability levels.

Teams of 6  Singles  (individuals with similar ability and age will form the teams during the welcome reception) or 3 couples

The Race will start and finish at Granville Island.

Concluding with  After PARTY  where participants will have the opportunity to meet, mingle and share their experience with other participants.

We believe that this race will bring many bennefits to the local community by helping people connect, brake barriers, build trust an and new relationships and at the same time we will be helping many children and their families getting back their joy and happiness.