We hope you will find the answers of your questions here and if not, please do not hesitate to write us at us@race4joy.com.

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Q. How does the Race For Joy work?

A.  We will meet and greet all participants at the registration at 12:00pm and the starting time will be 1:00pm on Granville Island. During the registration the teams will be formed by age, ability, competitiveness and chemistry.

The race will begin at 1:00pm when each team will receive a Package that will include all the rules and instructions.

There will be a starting challenge and teams will be allowed to leave only after accomplishing it and checking out with the start officials.

All participants must cross the finish line by 3:30pm. Penalties are deducted for every minute late.

Q. What is the endurance level required?

A. Race for Joy is specially designed to attract people of all fitness levels, competitive and non-competitive. Even if you have never before competed in a race…this is more like a STRATEGIC GAME. If you like adventure and action-packed activities and surprises, treasure hunt games and out of the box thinking – you will enjoy Race for Joy!

Q. Do I need to know Vancouver well in order to participate?

A. NO, with good navigational skills and great team spirit you can make it. Hey, this is a great opportunity to discover new places and get to know our beautiful city!

Q. How many people per team?

A. Each team will consist of 6 (or 5 members). We will try to have 50-50% gender mix in a team, however we can not guarantee that equal numbers men and women will sign up.

Q. Do I have to sign a waiver to compete?

A. Yes, a waiver must be signed before the race.

Q. How long is the course for the Race for Joy?

A. It all depends on how you plan your route. Teams have 2.5 hours to do as much as you can. Your team might optimize your distance and accomplish more than the fastest team.

Q. How do we win in this Race/ Walk?

A. The team with the maximum points within the time limit will be the winner. If team points are identical then the fastest time wins. Non-competitive teams will participate in a random draw, so they also have a chance to win prizes.

Q. How long does it take to finish?

A.  You will have 2.5 hours to complete as much as you can  within the time limit.

Q. Is there a cutoff time?

A. Yes, you must be at The Pavilion at Granville island  by 3:30 pm. For every minute late you will receive 20 points deduction. You have been warned!

Q. What if we get lost?

A. It  is in the city and you can always ask people/shop owners to help.

Q. Can I bring my friends and form a team with them?

A.  Yes, you select your team members during the welcome reception and if you want to be with your friend/s you can. However, we suggest that you mix up with new friends to build more connections.

Q. Is there any limit to the number of teams participating?

A. Yes! In the Kick-Off Race for Joy we can have only 20 teams of 6 due to the limitations of the venues. If the interest is high we can plan the next race in a bigger venue.

Remember to register early, as there is a limit of 20 teams (120 people)

Q. What happens if we cannot accomplish a challenge?

A. This is a strategic race and it is up to your team to decide what to do and find the way to accomplish the most within the time limit. You can simply continue racing and miss the bonus points that you would earn if you accomplish it.

Q. Are there mandatory gear requirements? 

A. No, only the race t-shirt and comfortable clothing.

Q. What if it rains? 

A. It is arain or shine event. Please dress accordingly!  We will have ponchos at the extra cost of $3.00 in case of rain. The GAME will GO ON!

Q. Will there be a way to leave some personal belongings at the start and receive them at the finish?

A. Yes! We will have boxes and will bring your stuff to the finish. However, please avoid  bringing any valuables.

Q. Can we use external help? 

A. Yes! You can help each other, ask bystanders, other teams, have friends online or use your smart phone, GPS or other gadgets.

Q. Will there be any water stations?

A. No.  You must be self-sufficient. You are in the city and there will be water fountains and stores along your way.

Q. Do we need to bring food or will there be food stations?

A. You are encouraged to bring your own food and beverages and to stop at any time to purchase anything you need. We encourage you to bring drinking water in a reusable container to protect the environment. We will have a dinner party (optional) after the race in a restaurant on Granville Island.

Q. Do I need to use a phone, the internet or other technology to be able to compete?

A. Yes. At least one smart phone per team will be required.

Q. Will there be parking available at the start location?

A. Yes, there is parking on the streets. Maximum 3 hours free parking on Granville Island. We suggest using public transportation.

Q. Do we have to_ follow a specific course route?

A. No, in a strategic game you decide as a team where you want to go and how to do the race. Your race package, which you will receive at  1:00pm, includes everything you need to make that decision.

 Q. Will there be first aid attendants on site?

A. Yes. We will have a first aid attendant. In your race package you will have emergency phone numbers to call and you can always dial 911 if you require immediate assistance.

Q. Are there any special safety rules?

A. Teams must obey all provincial, municipal laws and traffic laws during the race.